One is conceptualized, keeping in mind the urban-rural setting of Bikarnakatte. The structure, covered with its glistering appeal and the boundaries of rawness with its dark matte concrete, is designed to create a new landscape for its urban facade. The juxtaposition of its design, environment and materials creates a uniqueness to this commercial space giving a path to the monochrome.

RERA : PRM/KA/RERA/1257/334/PR/290423/005905

Plot Size


Parking lot

Total Area

Project Details

A commercial building standing tall with a design unique to its surrounding. One caters not only to the aesthetic factor but also brings in a plethora of commercial opportunities for the same. One offers a mix of highly efficient office floors, which can be divided based on the unique needs of the tenant-approximately from 500 Sqft – 5000 Sqft. Retail stores, roof top restaurants, smart sized office.


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